Nova Scotia Light & Power

Nova Scotia Light & Power

Nova Scotia

Circa 1866 - present

What started as the Halifax City Railroad has progressed over the years to what is today, Nova Scotia Power.  

This logo harkens back to the time when the city buses in Halifax ran on electricity.   The first tram was a horse drawn carriage in 1866, then later rail cars until the electric tram was introduced in 1896. The trams continued for over 50 years until the final electric tram ran in 1949.  

At this point, the rails were simply paved over and the trams were replaced with a fleet of electric trolley coaches.  The electric trolleys disappeared from the Halifax landscape in 1970, replaced by a fleet of diesel buses and now run by the City of Halifax.

Nova Scotia Light & Power may have started as a transportation company, but it has continuously evolved into the main electricity generation and distribution company in Nova Scotia.

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