Halifax Southwestern Railway

Halifax & South Western Railway

Halifax - Yarmouth 

Circa 1901-2006

The first incarnation of H&SW was in 1901 picking up where others had failed to build railcar service between Halifax and Yarmouth.  Over the course of a century, the H&SW would grow and contract depending primarily on the success and failure of large manufacturers and mines in rural Nova Scotia.

The first train service from Yarmouth to Halifax was established in 1906, but perhaps it's nickname of the Hellish Slow & Wobbly, was a predictor of the rocky path this service would take.  

Although service to the farthest point of Yarmouth ended in 1982 and all passenger service on the route ended in 1969, the final sections of track, the Chester Spur, weren't abandoned until 2007.

Today, the old railbeds form part of the Trans Canada Trail.  The railway's history is preserved by the dedicated volunteers at the Halifax & South Western Railway Museum in Lunenburg, NS


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